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Elgon Technologies Inc efficiently operate and evolve our clients information system solutions throughout their life cycle. We implement adaptable solution for small to large range information systems, comprising high or low level IT, simple  to complex multi-system solutions and mission critical systems. We provide our clients a maintenance assignment which involves a thorough study and analysis of the clients' existing business processes and technology architecture of the entire system.

Our area of support include operation and maintenance of IT systems, keeping IT systems viable with supported vendor releases or off-the-shelf applications software upgrades. We provide operations and maintenance on IT systems including all software and hardware associated with mainframes, client/server, web-based applications, and networking.
Operation and Maintenance (O&M Services)
  • Our approaches are on-going processes based on Service Level Agreement (SLA) that defines the scope of the maintenance services to be provided and identifies priorities or restrictions.
  • Our System Operation process provides control and support mechanisms, aiming at preserving the quality, integrity, and availability of the systems, and ensuring their compliance with the SLA.
  • Our Change Request Management process handles all the change requests, urgent or not, received from various sources inside and outside the enterprise. Each maintenance release corresponds to a maintenance project delivered using the System Maintenance process.
  • The System Maintenance process covers several types of improvements, from corrective changes, technical or functional improvements, to more important changes necessitating the revision of requirements or aspects of the system architecture.
  • System Retirement process used when the solution has reached its life end .

Elgon Technologies Inc will provide maintenance and production support services covering all phases of the life cycle including planning, analysis, design, installation, configuration, development and support. Our services include production support, operational day-to-day maintenance and support, bug fixing, end-user support and training. 
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