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Data Management Services
We provides our clients with Enterprise Data Warehouse and ETL infrastructure support for the demands of data integration services. We provide techniques to process big data to benefit their business. We provide predicative analytics based on the history and patterns of past data driven models. We will employ techniques for organizations to store and use big data.

Our Data Management Services
  • Data analytics and Data Quality, Profiling Cube
  • Data Architecture and Modeling
  • Data Mining and Information Delivery
  • Data Migration, Metadata Management and Integration
  • Master Data Management and Data Discovery
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • Middleware and ETL Tools and Architecture Strategy Design
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse
  • Hadoop
  • Big Data

Collecting the Data
We collect internal and external data, information about our clients performance and activities. This includes sales records, customer databases, employee records and all the day-to-day data which can be captured

Storing the Data
Support distributed storage and cloud storage emerged for any business to be able to store the data needed for big data projects without investing in highly expensive dedicated systems and data warehouses to put them in.

Analyzing the Data
Preparing the data and Identifying the data that is crucial to the task at hand, “cleaning” it to get rid of unnecessary background noise, and putting it into a format which is accessible to the software or people who need to understand it. We model building and validation, adjusting variables and seeing how this impacts on the data. Then assessing how the changes being made, work towards achieving the goals  set  at the beginning.
We draw a conclusion, assessing the insights and deciding what changes our clients are going to make.

Elgon Technologies Inc delivers effective Data consolidation and management across various lines of businesses for managing large volumes of historical and transactional data that is across different applications.  
Our Approach