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Application Development/System Integration
We design, develop and test high quality software and systems for our clients; we update their information systems, in-house and web applications while adopting new technologies leading our clients to embark on new application development projects. We produce high quality software that meets and exceeds customer expectations, reaches completion within times and cost estimates.

We support large-scale development projects, develop and create complete solutions that are meaningful for each organization. Our core stages of software Development Life Cycle consists of planning, defining, designing, building, testing and development; we perform a detailed plan describing how to develop, maintain, replace and alter specific software. The SDLC models which we follow during software development process are Agile, scrum, waterfall, iterative, spiral models. Documentation is crucial with any of the type of model chosen for any application; it is done in parallel with the development process.
Our Approach
We capture clients feedback and shape it into consumable and actionable stories. Our approach gives developers enough information and the opportunity to add additional criteria, refining requirements, design guidelines, technical specs and documentation, while employing Agile methods for project developments. 

Planning as a Team
We employ Agile roadmap and release planning requirements and a strong team collaboration. We  plan across multiple projects with fewer surprises leading to a successful  release while keeping the team focused and setting the right expectations for the stakeholders.

Track and Share Development Progress
We keep all stakeholders regularly informed on development progress.  As an item moves through the development process, its status is updated with stakeholders while building their confidence.  

We analyze, plan, integrate and support new technology needs of each client.
We deliver a unified platform for data and application integration across legacy systems, applications, and APLs with hybrid deployment option for maximum flexibility. Our development projects are configured to block unauthorized access to systems, eliminating exposure of sensitive data and information and preventing attacks through proactive threat management. Reducing risk and optimizing performance with fine-grained operational controls and visibility into production environments.